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12 PEP 302: New Import Hooks

While it's been possible to write custom import hooks ever since the ihooks module was introduced in Python 1.3, no one has ever been really happy with it because writing new import hooks is difficult and messy. There have been various proposed alternatives such as the imputil and iu modules, but none of them has ever gained much acceptance, and none of them were easily usable from C code.

PEP 302 borrows ideas from its predecessors, especially from Gordon McMillan's iu module. Three new items are added to the sys module:


  • sys.path_hooks is a list of callable objects; most often they'll be classes. Each callable takes a string containing a path and either returns an importer object that will handle imports from this path or raises an ImportError exception if it can't handle this path.


  • sys.path_importer_cache caches importer objects for each path, so sys.path_hooks will only need to be traversed once for each path.


  • sys.meta_path is a list of importer objects that will be traversed before sys.path is checked. This list is initially empty, but user code can add objects to it. Additional built-in and frozen modules can be imported by an object added to this list.


Importer objects must have a single method, find_module(fullname, path=None). fullname will be a module or package name, e.g. "string" or "distutils.core". find_module() must return a loader object that has a single method, load_module(fullname), that creates and returns the corresponding module object.

Pseudo-code for Python's new import logic, therefore, looks something like this (simplified a bit; see PEP 302 for the full details):


for mp in sys.meta_path:
    loader = mp(fullname)
    if loader is not None:
        <module> = loader.load_module(fullname)
for path in sys.path:
    for hook in sys.path_hooks:
            importer = hook(path)
        except ImportError:
            # ImportError, so try the other path hooks
            loader = importer.find_module(fullname)
            <module> = loader.load_module(fullname)

# Not found!
raise ImportError




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