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12.1.4 Writer Implementations

Three implementations of the writer object interface are provided as examples by this module. Most applications will need to derive new writer classes from the NullWriter class.


class NullWriter( )
A writer which only provides the interface definition; no actions are taken on any methods. This should be the base class for all writers which do not need to inherit any implementation methods.


class AbstractWriter( )
A writer which can be used in debugging formatters, but not much else. Each method simply announces itself by printing its name and arguments on standard output.


class DumbWriter( [file[, maxcol = 72]])
Simple writer class which writes output on the file object passed in as file or, if file is omitted, on standard output. The output is simply word-wrapped to the number of columns specified by maxcol. This class is suitable for reflowing a sequence of paragraphs.





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