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7.19.3 Examples

How to create an uncompressed tar archive from a list of filenames:

import tarfile
tar ="sample.tar", "w")
for name in ["foo", "bar", "quux"]:

How to read a gzip compressed tar archive and display some member information:

import tarfile
tar ="sample.tar.gz", "r:gz")
for tarinfo in tar:
    print, "is", tarinfo.size, "bytes in size and is",
    if tarinfo.isreg():
        print "a regular file."
    elif tarinfo.isdir():
        print "a directory."
        print "something else."

How to create a tar archive with faked information:

import tarfile
tar ="sample.tar.gz", "w:gz")
for name in namelist:
    tarinfo = tar.gettarinfo(name, "fakeproj-1.0/" + name)
    tarinfo.uid = 123
    tarinfo.gid = 456
    tarinfo.uname = "johndoe"
    tarinfo.gname = "fake"
    tar.addfile(tarinfo, file(name))

The only way to extract an uncompressed tar stream from sys.stdin:

import sys
import tarfile
tar ="r|", fileobj=sys.stdin)
for tarinfo in tar:




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