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3.10.1 Mapping Operators to Functions

This table shows how abstract operations correspond to operator symbols in the Python syntax and the functions in the operator module.

Operation  Syntax  Function 
Addition a + b add(a, b)
Concatenation seq1 + seq2 concat(seq1, seq2)
Containment Test o in seq contains(seq, o)
Division a / b div(a, b) # without __future__.division
Division a / b truediv(a, b) # with __future__.division
Division a // b floordiv(a, b)
Bitwise And a & b and_(a, b)
Bitwise Exclusive Or a ^ b xor(a, b)
Bitwise Inversion ~ a invert(a)
Bitwise Or a | b or_(a, b)
Exponentiation a ** b pow(a, b)
Identity a is b is_(a, b)
Identity a is not b is_not(a, b)
Indexed Assignment o[k] = v setitem(o, k, v)
Indexed Deletion del o[k] delitem(o, k)
Indexing o[k] getitem(o, k)
Left Shift a << b lshift(a, b)
Modulo a % b mod(a, b)
Multiplication a * b mul(a, b)
Negation (Arithmetic) - a neg(a)
Negation (Logical) not a not_(a)
Right Shift a >> b rshift(a, b)
Sequence Repitition seq * i repeat(seq, i)
Slice Assignment seq[i:j] = values setslice(seq, i, j, values)
Slice Deletion del seq[i:j] delslice(seq, i, j)
Slicing seq[i:j] getslice(seq, i, j)
String Formatting s % o mod(s, o)
Subtraction a - b sub(a, b)
Truth Test o truth(o)
Ordering a < b lt(a, b)
Ordering a <= b le(a, b)
Equality a == b eq(a, b)
Difference a != b ne(a, b)
Ordering a >= b ge(a, b)
Ordering a > b gt(a, b)



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