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16.1.2 Tkinter Life Preserver

This section is not designed to be an exhaustive tutorial on either Tk or Tkinter. Rather, it is intended as a stop gap, providing some introductory orientation on the system.


  • Tkinter was written by Steen Lumholt and Guido van Rossum.
  • Tk was written by John Ousterhout while at Berkeley.
  • This Life Preserver was written by Matt Conway at the University of Virginia.
  • The html rendering, and some liberal editing, was produced from a FrameMaker version by Ken Manheimer.
  • Fredrik Lundh elaborated and revised the class interface descriptions, to get them current with Tk 4.2.
  • Mike Clarkson converted the documentation to LATEX, and compiled the User Interface chapter of the reference manual.




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