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12.2.11 Differences from email v1 (up to Python 2.2.1)

Version 1 of the email package was bundled with Python releases up to Python 2.2.1. Version 2 was developed for the Python 2.3 release, and backported to Python 2.2.2. It was also available as a separate distutils based package. email version 2 is almost entirely backward compatible with version 1, with the following differences:


  • The email.Header and email.Charset modules have been added.


  • The pickle format for Message instances has changed. Since this was never (and still isn't) formally defined, this isn't considered a backward incompatibility. However if your application pickles and unpickles Message instances, be aware that in email version 2, Message instances now have private variables _charset and _default_type.


  • Several methods in the Message class have been deprecated, or their signatures changed. Also, many new methods have been added. See the documentation for the Message class for details. The changes should be completely backward compatible.


  • The object structure has changed in the face of message/rfc822 content types. In email version 1, such a type would be represented by a scalar payload, i.e. the container message's is_multipart() returned false, get_payload() was not a list object, but a single Message instance.

    This structure was inconsistent with the rest of the package, so the object representation for message/rfc822 content types was changed. In email version 2, the container does return True from is_multipart(), and get_payload() returns a list containing a single Message item.

    Note that this is one place that backward compatibility could not be completely maintained. However, if you're already testing the return type of get_payload(), you should be fine. You just need to make sure your code doesn't do a set_payload() with a Message instance on a container with a content type of message/rfc822.


  • The Parser constructor's strict argument was added, and its parse() and parsestr() methods grew a headersonly argument. The strict flag was also added to functions email.message_from_file() and email.message_from_string().


  • Generator.__call__() is deprecated; use Generator.flatten() instead. The Generator class has also grown the clone() method.


  • The DecodedGenerator class in the email.Generator module was added.


  • The intermediate base classes MIMENonMultipart and MIMEMultipart have been added, and interposed in the class hierarchy for most of the other MIME-related derived classes.


  • The _encoder argument to the MIMEText constructor has been deprecated. Encoding now happens implicitly based on the _charset argument.


  • The following functions in the email.Utils module have been deprecated: dump_address_pairs(), decode(), and encode(). The following functions have been added to the module: make_msgid(), decode_rfc2231(), encode_rfc2231(), and decode_params().


  • The non-public function email.Iterators._structure() was added.



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