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11.21.2 CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler

The CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler class can be used to handle XML-RPC requests sent to Python CGI scripts.


register_function( function[, name])
Register a function that can respond to XML-RPC requests. If name is given, it will be the method name associated with function, otherwise function.__name__ will be used. name can be either a normal or Unicode string, and may contain characters not legal in Python identifiers, including the period character.


register_instance( instance)
Register an object which is used to expose method names which have not been registered using register_function(). If instance contains a _dispatch() method, it is called with the requested method name and the parameters from the request; the return value is returned to the client as the result. If instance does not have a _dispatch() method, it is searched for an attribute matching the name of the requested method; if the requested method name contains periods, each component of the method name is searched for individually, with the effect that a simple hierarchical search is performed. The value found from this search is then called with the parameters from the request, and the return value is passed back to the client.


register_introspection_functions( )
Register the XML-RPC introspection functions system.listMethods, system.methodHelp and system.methodSignature.


register_multicall_functions( )
Register the XML-RPC multicall function system.multicall.


handle_request( [request_text = None])
Handle a XML-RPC request. If request_text is given, it should be the POST data provided by the HTTP server, otherwise the contents of stdin will be used.



class MyFuncs:
    def div(self, x, y) : return div(x,y)

handler = CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler()
handler.register_function(lambda x,y: x+y, 'add')



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