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11.19.2 Morsel Objects

class Morsel( )
Abstract a key/value pair, which has some RFC 2109 attributes.

Morsels are dictionary-like objects, whose set of keys is constant -- the valid RFC 2109 attributes, which are


  • expires
  • path
  • comment
  • domain
  • max-age
  • secure
  • version

The keys are case-insensitive.


The value of the cookie.


The encoded value of the cookie -- this is what should be sent.


The name of the cookie.


set( key, value, coded_value)
Set the key, value and coded_value members.


isReservedKey( K)
Whether K is a member of the set of keys of a Morsel.


output( [attrs[, header]])
Return a string representation of the Morsel, suitable to be sent as an HTTP header. By default, all the attributes are included, unless attrs is given, in which case it should be a list of attributes to use. header is by default "Set-Cookie:".


js_output( [attrs])
Return an embeddable JavaScript snippet, which, if run on a browser which supports JavaScript, will act the same as if the HTTP header was sent.

The meaning for attrs is the same as in output().


OutputString( [attrs])
Return a string representing the Morsel, without any surrounding HTTP or JavaScript.

The meaning for attrs is the same as in output().




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