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3.28 site -- Site-specific configuration hook

This module is automatically imported during initialization.

In earlier versions of Python (up to and including 1.5a3), scripts or modules that needed to use site-specific modules would place "import site" somewhere near the top of their code. This is no longer necessary.

This will append site-specific paths to the module search path.

It starts by constructing up to four directories from a head and a tail part. For the head part, it uses sys.prefix and sys.exec_prefix; empty heads are skipped. For the tail part, it uses the empty string (on Macintosh or Windows) or it uses first lib/python2.3/site-packages and then lib/site-python (on Unix). For each of the distinct head-tail combinations, it sees if it refers to an existing directory, and if so, adds it to sys.path and also inspects the newly added path for configuration files.

A path configuration file is a file whose name has the form package.pth; its contents are additional items (one per line) to be added to sys.path. Non-existing items are never added to sys.path, but no check is made that the item refers to a directory (rather than a file). No item is added to sys.path more than once. Blank lines and lines beginning with # are skipped. Lines starting with import are executed.

For example, suppose sys.prefix and sys.exec_prefix are set to /usr/local. The Python 2.3.3 library is then installed in /usr/local/lib/python2.3 (where only the first three characters of sys.version are used to form the installation path name). Suppose this has a subdirectory /usr/local/lib/python2.3/site-packages with three subsubdirectories, foo, bar and spam, and two path configuration files, foo.pth and bar.pth. Assume foo.pth contains the following:

# foo package configuration


and bar.pth contains:

# bar package configuration


Then the following directories are added to sys.path, in this order:


Note that bletch is omitted because it doesn't exist; the bar directory precedes the foo directory because bar.pth comes alphabetically before foo.pth; and spam is omitted because it is not mentioned in either path configuration file.

After these path manipulations, an attempt is made to import a module named sitecustomize , which can perform arbitrary site-specific customizations. If this import fails with an ImportError exception, it is silently ignored.

Note that for some non-Unix systems, sys.prefix and sys.exec_prefix are empty, and the path manipulations are skipped; however the import of sitecustomize is still attempted.



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