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12.18 netrc -- netrc file processing

New in version 1.5.2.

The netrc class parses and encapsulates the netrc file format used by the Unix ftp program and other FTP clients.

class netrc( [file])
A netrc instance or subclass instance encapsulates data from a netrc file. The initialization argument, if present, specifies the file to parse. If no argument is given, the file .netrc in the user's home directory will be read. Parse errors will raise NetrcParseError with diagnostic information including the file name, line number, and terminating token.
exception NetrcParseError
Exception raised by the netrc class when syntactical errors are encountered in source text. Instances of this exception provide three interesting attributes: msg is a textual explanation of the error, filename is the name of the source file, and lineno gives the line number on which the error was found.



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