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14. Multimedia Services

The modules described in this chapter implement various algorithms or interfaces that are mainly useful for multimedia applications. They are available at the discretion of the installation. Here's an overview:

audioop   Manipulate raw audio data.
imageop   Manipulate raw image data.
aifc   Read and write audio files in AIFF or AIFC format.
sunau   Provide an interface to the Sun AU sound format.
wave   Provide an interface to the WAV sound format.
chunk   Module to read IFF chunks.
colorsys   Conversion functions between RGB and other color systems.
rgbimg   Read and write image files in ``SGI RGB'' format (the module is not SGI specific though!).
imghdr   Determine the type of image contained in a file or byte stream.
sndhdr   Determine type of a sound file.
ossaudiodev   Access to OSS-compatible audio devices.



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