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11.19.1 Cookie Objects

value_decode( val)
Return a decoded value from a string representation. Return value can be any type. This method does nothing in BaseCookie -- it exists so it can be overridden.
value_encode( val)
Return an encoded value. val can be any type, but return value must be a string. This method does nothing in BaseCookie -- it exists so it can be overridden

In general, it should be the case that value_encode() and value_decode() are inverses on the range of value_decode.

output( [attrs[, header[, sep]]])
Return a string representation suitable to be sent as HTTP headers. attrs and header are sent to each Morsel's output() method. sep is used to join the headers together, and is by default a newline.
js_output( [attrs])
Return an embeddable JavaScript snippet, which, if run on a browser which supports JavaScript, will act the same as if the HTTP headers was sent.

The meaning for attrs is the same as in output().

load( rawdata)
If rawdata is a string, parse it as an HTTP_COOKIE and add the values found there as Morsels. If it is a dictionary, it is equivalent to:
for k, v in rawdata.items():
    cookie[k] = v



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