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4.2 Hierarchical Structure

LATEX expects documents to be arranged in a conventional, hierarchical way, with chapters, sections, sub-sections, appendixes, and the like. These are marked using macros rather than environments, probably because the end of a section can be safely inferred when a section of equal or higher level starts.

There are six ``levels'' of sectioning in the document classes used for Python documentation, and the deepest two levels1 are not used. The levels are:

Level  Macro Name  Notes 
1 \chapter (1)
2 \section  
3 \subsection  
4 \subsubsection  
5 \paragraph (2)
6 \subparagraph  



Only used for the manual documents, as described in section 5, ``Document Classes.''
Not the same as a paragraph of text; nobody seems to use this.


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