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6.13 Graphical Interface Components

The components of graphical interfaces will be assigned markup, but most of the specifics have not been determined.

\menuselection {menupath}
Menu selections should be marked using a combination of \menuselection and \sub. This macro is used to mark a complete sequence of menu selections, including selecting submenus and choosing a specific operation, or any subsequence of such a sequence. The names of individual selections should be separated by occurances of \sub.

For example, to mark the selection ``Start > Programs'', use this markup:

\menuselection{Start \sub Programs}

When including a selection that includes some trailing indicator, such as the ellipsis some operating systems use to indicate that the command opens a dialog, the indicator should be omitted from the selection name.


Separator for menu selections that include multiple levels. This macro is only defined within the context of the \menuselection macro.


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